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Thank you for choosing NeedHelpLoans.com to help you . Here we have a list of eligible loans and credit cards we think may be a good fit for you. These are all direct lenders, and most can help you boost your Score. The more open lines of credit you have open on your credit report the better!!!

Check into Cash is one of the leading providers for online payday loans. It is 100% online, unless you would like to pick up the cash at a local branch. They don’t report to the credit reporting agencies, but if you are in need of cash fast, these guys can definitely help you out. Click here to apply now.

Opp loans helps so many people get the money they need fast. They deposit right to your banking account up to 4,000. The best part of all there is no credit check and they report your monthly payments to the credit bureaus. Yes, you heard that right, no credit check and they report to the major credit bureaus. Click here to apply for a loan through Opp Loans.

Surge Credit Card. A Surge Mastercard® with an initial credit limit that ranges from $300 to $750 gives you the financial clout you need. It is very easy to get approved and it reports to all three of the major credit bureaus. A perfect credit card to help boost your score and to establish more credit lines. Click here to apply for a Surge Credit Card.

Lending Club- Lending Club offers all types of loans for whatever you may need. Best part of all they are very easy to get approved for and they report to all 3 of the major credit bureaus. Whether you need a loan because your short on cash, or need to refinance a car or house, or consolidate some debt, Lending Club is probably the easiest and most convenient way to do it. Click here to apply for a loan through Lending Club.

First Access will start you off with a $300 credit limit. This card is great if you need a card for emergency purposes or if your credit is bad and you need an open tradeline on your credit report to boost your score. Good news is they are easy to get approved for with bad credit, and they report to the credit bureaus so they help your Credit score. Definitely worth it if you need a credit card to build credit.

With Fit Mastercard, you get an initial credit limit of up to $400. It’s one of the easier cards to apply for. Great for building credit, definitely a good card to keep for emergencies of a good card to either start or improve your credit from where it’s at.

Leap Credit offers loan up to $3,500, without a credit check, and they have alot of good reviews. It’s a pretty easy application process, but the downside is, they are only available in certain states. (only available in Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin). If you live in one of these states, it’s definitely worth it to give these guys a shot, if you need the money.

With Shop Simplio you will get access to name-brand products, with an easy approval financing program. It is very easy to get approved and they will approve you for up to 8,500, more than enough to get the newest electronics or maybe a new fridge or couch/tv. Good news is these guys report to the credit bureaus so it should be an easy way to get a new phone, or a living room set and help you boost your credit score at the same time.

Spot Loan has been around for a while. They are probably the easiest lender to get approved for. I like them because it’s extremely easy to get approved for them, the downside is the interest is a little high, so you may want to consider paying this one off as fast as you can, don’t plan on keeping it out for a while.

At this point, everybody probably has heard of speedy cash. I can’t really say anything bad about these guys. Interest rates are fair, compared to other payday loans. Also it is 100% online, you can do it right from your cell phone, and they make reapplying for another loan a breeze. Great for repeat customers.

Amazon Credit- One of my favorite credit lines to have is Amazon Credit. You can buy anything on Amazon, best of all it’s fairly easy to be approved. There are 2 types of cards, they have the amazon credit card and the amazon store card. They both report to the major credit bureaus so it doesn’t really matter which one you get, however the amazon store card is slightly easier to get approved for, the amazon credit card will work anywhere they accept visa, the store card will only work with amazon. They have instant approval and you can start shopping right away. Just apply, get approved and start shopping. Then just make your on time monthly payments and watch your Fico Score rise. Click here to apply for a amazon credit or store card.

Plain Green Loans have been around a while. Definitely one of the older ones and a good one. A lot of people have also reported that these guys also report as a trade line on your credit, which should boost your credit score as long as you pay them on time. You can’t go wrong with plain green if you are looking for a good trustworthy lender.

Apply now in 3 minutes using their secure online application. You’ll need information commonly found on your driver’s license, paystub, your personal check and social security card. It only takes a few seconds after you submit your application to find out how much cash you can get.

Cash Net is probably one of the biggest online loan providers around. They create an online account for you and make it extremely easy to re-apply for another loan after you have paid yours off. Don’t plan on keeping this loan out for a while, the interest will eat you up. But great for emergencies.

 Allied Cash Advance has grown into a leading provider of cash advances. These guys have been around for a while, and you can expect nothing different than any other payday loan provider. Rates are traditional for a payday loan company, old school service, just make your payments on time and you won’t have a problem.

NeedHelpLoans.com in our opinion of a one stop shop if you need money fast and running your credit is not an option. They are partnered with nearly all of the online payday loan providers. They are perfect if you need the help now and fast. They don’t report to the bureaus, but we added them on due to covid and the amout of clients that are really struggling at the moment. Click here to apply for a loan at Needhelploans.com.

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